Sunday, December 27, 2009

Growing Up Abstract

Growing up in our home were my mother's large canvas paintings. Abstract and non-objective. They were always open to individual interpretation. One of my brothers and I were discussing our mom's paintings at some point recently. We reminded eachother what we used to see in them. I remember being young in California and sharing the same interpretations with my childhood friends. Growing up I had friends who played along, offering up their visions and stories. And then I had a few friends who may have just been a little baffled by those large abstract canvases and the stories I offered to go with them.
With all that said, I am home at my parent's. And these large canvas paintings, abstract and non-objective, welcome me back. And it still feels so comfortable to be at home.


Cindy said...

bon jour my friend!

parismarketandbrocante said...

Bonjour voyageur, êtes-vous prêt pour vos débuts? Je vais vous présenter aujourd'hui et puis il est de votre spectacle.

mama said...

Reba Lee!! We miss you and will always welcome you home! Mi casa es su casa. Como se Parie? es bien? Bonjour y buenos noches!