Friday, December 18, 2009

Settling In

I am surprised/disturbed, yet still enchanted by the ongoing editing process of my posessions. I have been unpacking my belongings and have been trying to create a space while I am stationed at my parent's house in Powder Springs, Georgia. The funny thing is that I still get a child-like excitement when unpacking certain things. I promise, the excitement never ceases especially once coming across a specific object at the bottom of one suitcase. Wrapped in layers of cream-colored, laced slips was Emily's made doll. I took her out with delicate hands, and immediately decided that I wanted her hanging right above me when I sleep. With her wrapped lace head and her puckered lips, good dreams are bound to come from her. I just can tell. If money grew on trees, I would pick some off and buy the entire collection of dolls. I have fond memories while spending time in Brooklyn earlier this summer with Emily, Paul, and Haylie. It was then these beautiful creations were being developed.

I am so pleased to suggest that everyone check out more of Emily's work at

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Cindy said...

I love that when I read your writing, I can hear you talking to me.

And I can remember Katie laughing when you emailed her a picture of Bill Cosby eating an ice cream cone. I think you said, "a little something special for you."
Or probably something more clever.

When do you visit me?