Monday, December 14, 2009

And how it goes....

Our house on Park Avenue, east of Forsyth, held a grand sale. The sidewalk was lined with stuff that could not be packed up and placed in any sort of suitcase heading east to France. Mannequins, clothing, dressers, a trumpet, typewriters, balls of yarn, old window frames, and trinkets. It was an overcast weekend and we played opera in the backround to enlighten the shopper's experience.
I am preparing for this new life after Savannah. I wish that I could make a post featuring all things scanned in which remind me of this quaint, Southern city. I am at a loss of images, only words. I would feature the moss like so....

"spanish moss"

and the caption would read, "oh how romantic the moss seems in Savannah. Like the hair of a graying old woman, it just hangs off the arms of the awkward oak tree branches"
Then I would scan in a piece of Paula Deen's fried chicken, and right under it, her pecan pie. Like so....

"fried chicken"
"pecan pie"

and I would write a few words about the past four years waiting tables there.
After my Lady and Sons tribute I would scan in some found trinkets.

"trinket #1"

"trinket #2"

"trinket #3"

and each would have a story.

My time left in Savannah is limited. It is a bittersweet feeling to pack up my most beloved belongings and leave a place I've given myself to for a few good years. For anyone who reads this I wish to offer up real images of what Savannah is for me. But like I mentioned, my time is short, and there is so much to show.

goodbye Savannah, Georgia.


{charlie * carolyn} said...

what a beautiful post Reba, I almost wanted to cry. You will be just amazing as you find your way in Paris and make a new life there. You will be missed.
love ya!

Cindy said...

Your words were even better than pictures.