Sunday, January 10, 2010

Up, upon the Hill top

After Kelsey and Erik's departure, Taylor and I continued to lengthen our walking paths through this wonderful city of Paris. Our short Winter days have been full. Beginning with calm awakenings to Chopin music, snow flurries falling, and torn off pieces from fresh baguettes with homemade banana jam spread heavily across. Our days are composed of walking, walking, walking with usually a cup of chocolat chaud in between, and ending with aching legs (our fingers are crossed that aching turns into toned legs)and a camera full with photographs. It was from our climb up to the beautiful Sacre-Coeur in Montmartre that I became slightly overwhelmed with what this city has to offer, and alas, with what it also expects. Which is, fluency in French. It has been a week or so, and I would like to believe that my french is improving, yet I still have such a difficulty pronouncing "macaron". It is such a shame, because they happen to be my favorite. I hope whoever you are who reads my thoughts, I invite you to continue. Please become a follower of The Paris Market blog, and keep me company as I try and tackle the overwhelming.


Cindy said...

you lucky, lucky girl.
And I know it is not all luck. You worked hard, are willing to adventure, and have a great spirit. Enjoy!

Taylor B W said...

man, i killed it.