Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Art of Thread Pressing

My co-worker came upstairs after finding a special little treasure in the old book cabinet downstairs in the basement. He held this worn book, and opened each page with delicate turning. Pressed in every single page is a small bundle of thread. With 107 pages, there are approximately 53 colorful teaspoon sized threads. Each of these small bundles create the simplest, most interesting little designs against the yellowing pages of french literature.
It is so special to me.

If anyone knows the real art behind thread pressing, Please, by all means, feel free to share.

Something to Look Forward to

images borrowed from The Authentic Bistros of Paris, Francois Thomazeau and Sylvain Ageorges

Not that I haven't been completely wild for Savannah, because I have. These days are spent either waiting tables at The Lady's or behind the counter at the Market, either way saving money. In the time in between, like walking to and from work, is the time I really appreciate this town. Robert Redford and crew are here, shooting for a movie. Which in itself gives me great pleasure knowing that the famed and fortuned, scouted and chose to illuminate a film with Savannah as the backdrop.

So I have fallen into routine.
Hot cocoa in the morning. It is usually rushed because I like to soak up as much sleep as I can. But I like to think that my days in Paris, I will be able to stop in to my neighborhood cafe, and take my sweet Parisian time, sipping slowly on my hot cocoa, two and a half more months to appreciate the present, and...something to look forward to.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Some of my Staples

The simplicity of single objects.
Website in the works....

Sunday, October 4, 2009

October is really a nice month, composed of Libras and Scorpios. The leaves begin to change in Georgia. Conference occurs, and is wonderful every session. Martha Stewart puts out a really good magazine issue. Children start to think about what they want to be for Halloween. Paris Fashion Week. There is a special aisle in the grocery store devoted to candy; it is cheap and it comes in bulk. I have been spending these early October days treating myself to pumpkin butter on everything. On ice cream, on pancakes, on toast, bagels, etc. And it seems completely justified because it is October. I think it is a good month.

This past Friday, in celebration of the new month and this ideal weather, I bought myself a ticket to the Savannah Philharmonic's performance of Verdi Requiem. It was held at the Cathedral of St. John the baptist. The entire performance was so majestically well-done that during a few moments I felt myself melting in the pew.

And I may get in trouble for posting this, but I would do it, just an attempt to offer a hint of what I experienced Friday night...

Friday, October 2, 2009

Charles Owen Baggett, the third

Born on September 30th, 2009. My baby nephew was born.
He was 8 lbs, 2 oz, and about 19 inches long.
Congratulations Charlie and Carolyn!

...Because I know how everyone loves a good ole' picture of a newborn.
My friend Sofya made the best comment, "Well you have to consider how compact they must be to fit in that space."