Thursday, December 17, 2009

Give Someone a Bear Hug

As of this morning, waking up in my old bed, and having my mom start my day off with some hot cocoa. I feel happy. The past few days I have been sentimental in regards to my departure from Savannah, Georgia. I said goodbye to most everyone I still knew after my four years of residence. And I stocked up on "bear hugs" to last me at least until mid-January. Aside from hugs of farewell it really is the perfect season to offer warmth to eachother with a nice, tight-squeezed "bear hug".
To be honest, John's motives behind this painting probably aren't as cut and dry. I think there is something like, "bear" and "reba" have the same letters. And for me, anything other than a comparison to Reba McEntire is much appreciated. Take whatever you wish from it, but go find yourself a bear.
(Thumbnail from John Kesling's "An Excuse To Paint a Bear")

1 comment:

Cindy said...

And I thought I was the only one that got squeezed by you.
Thanks for stopping by. I can never seem to stop smiling after I spend time with you.