Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Art of Thread Pressing

My co-worker came upstairs after finding a special little treasure in the old book cabinet downstairs in the basement. He held this worn book, and opened each page with delicate turning. Pressed in every single page is a small bundle of thread. With 107 pages, there are approximately 53 colorful teaspoon sized threads. Each of these small bundles create the simplest, most interesting little designs against the yellowing pages of french literature.
It is so special to me.

If anyone knows the real art behind thread pressing, Please, by all means, feel free to share.


Cindy said...

I know nothing about thread pressing, Reba. But what an interesting thing. Please update your blog if you learn more.

And do come to see me this weekend! Can't wait.

hayliebird said...

weak in the knees! this is the greatest discovery i think in a very long time. this is magic and i will forever be hunting for a pressed thread collection.

i do have a friend that collected little threads for a period of time. he would gather them from the floor, from projects of his own and others and sometimes from a friends shirt, etc. and he would stuff them into a little jar that acts like a little time capsule. i always thought it was the most wonderful idea.

Taylor B W said...

Aw Rebs.. I miss you guys too!! I haven't been able to purchase my ticket yet.. they tricked me again.. it was a round trip ticket but they were hiding the tax and fees which jacked up the price to around 770.. I don't have that. I'm trying to get a job. But hey, I really love reading your blog. You better keep up with this junk when you're off to france. Such lovely little trinkets and beautifully written all the time.

Sarah said...

Reba.. I miss you and I found this and I love this post. I will be checking back frequently now that i've stumbled upon it... come visit me in Atlanta!! What are you up to? Let's move to NY. k. email meee