Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sheet music seems most appealing during this time of year. The good and the less good of tones and pitches blend together to echo out carols of delight. I am convinced that my own voice becomes better during this time of year, and an overwhelming burst of confidence hiding in the bottom of my diaphragm from January to November seems to make a once-a-year appearance along with Santa and his reindeers*.
But as we sing the Christmas hymns in sacrament meeting, I feel as though we are but a few harmonies away from the tabernacle choir, and that in itself is something to write home about.
'Tis also the season, not only to sing, but to listen to Christmas music. This year is my third year in which I have had the opportunity to binge on Sufjan Stevens, who sings some mighty holiday melodies. All of his tunes are simple and wonderful, and each year it seems that I allow myself to attach my ears to a single song of his. Vol.III: DING!DONG! has been on repeat, and more specifically is the traditional 12th century French carol, "Orientis Partibus" or "The Friendly Beasts"

*I would love a taxidermied reindeer for Christmas, and I would pay to see a taxidermied Santa, if there is such a thing.

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Tamara Garvey said...

hi rebes! does this mean you will be singing at work now? ;)

like i have said 45 times, i love your blog.

happy christmas!