Friday, December 12, 2008

Joyeux Noël !

With the lack of cold weather here in Savannah, it seems easy to procrastinate on all the little things to do during the Christmas season, but it's nice to know these things are still getting done.
I woke up early, considering it was a Saturday; slipped on a sweater dress, splurged on some Polaroid film, and walked around the beautiful historic district. During the first Saturday of December, the people of Savannah gather in the morning to deck their squares of holiday cheer. Rolls of red ribbon, hot beverages, fresh evergreen trimmings, and Krispy Kreme donuts surplussed every square I strolled by, along with good spirits and an overall excitement for the season to come. Some of Savannah's trees still have their bright autumn leaves, which allows for surrounding warmer tones, opposed to cold, bare branches. The old cathedrals downtown sing along to the Christmas spirit; once the hand hits the hour the bells continue to play as they do during the year, but along with the familiar chimes are chimes of Christmas tunes, O Holy Night, Silent Night, Little Town of Bethlehem. It is so wonderful being in a city this time of year.

If one is hanging around at home, searching for Christmas inspiration, listen to this Christmas Message from Dieter F. Uchtdorf. Listen to it in the bath, while you're cooking, while you're eating, sipping on hot cocoa or herbal tea, listen to this while you make Christmas gifts, while you draw, paint, knit, sew, or while you wrap your gifts. It's a simple, pleasant message for all.

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