Wednesday, December 3, 2008

-Taunted by a Library fee, and an urgency to inhale the scent of old books; Nick, Kelsey, and I ventured to Savannah's public library. This December weather was just nippy enough to welcome indoor activities, and neither one of them had been to the library on Bull Street. About an hour had passed, the three of us were surrounded by plastic-sleeved covered books residing on painted metal bookshelves. I became a tourist and insisted on photo documentation.
-We were tempted by other forms of media to entertain our minds, eyes, and ears; resulting in loaded arms of books, DVDs, and books on CD.
-Our level of gratitude towards public participation at the library was at its highest peak. To further our happiness, in the empty lot next door we found an abandoned piece of furniture. I suggested photo documentation, which resulted in a photoshoot.
-Exhausted due to severe model treatment we turned to a homemade meal back at their apartment across the park. Indulging in Kelsey's goodness in the kitchen, we started our movie marathon and ate pumpkin soup and salad.
-Several movies later, we reconvened in the kitchen for a homemade pizza: midnight snack.
-I leave with a parting gift; A somewhat sneaky attempt of Nick capturing Kelsey and I pretending to be on a cooking show. Nick was really embarrassed for us because we were actually getting quite involved in our imaginations. We are making hot chocolate with steamed milk.

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charlie and carolyn said...

you and Jr. are quite alike!
by the way, i love your blog