Friday, December 5, 2008

The Art of Fur Wrapping

Searching for cardboard boxes and hoping that our new house on park avenue comes with taxidermy. Kelsey and I have our minds on coming across such a discovery. I've discussed the idea of hanging fur of deceased animals with several people, and have been getting mixed reviews. Regardless of all the opinions, I think such a masculine element would look handsome within a house of three girls.
Baking, perfume, make-up, dresses, jewelry, and taxidermy.

tax·i·der·my (tks-dûrm)
The art or operation of preparing, stuffing, and mounting the skins of dead animals
for exhibition in a lifelike state.
taxi·dermal, taxi·dermic adj.
taxi·dermist n


charlie and carolyn said...

i say just do it.
also, Jr. wants to know if you'd stuff lucille if she were to ever pass away?

please email photos of side profiles of you and the lovely Lucille soon!

rose said...

not sure if I would do it myself, but the juxtaposition of perfume, makeup, etc. with taxidermy does sound intriguing. I'm sure you could pull it off.

emily said...

one is frightened by that big stuffed dog.