Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Nostalgic for the South of France

A little longer than a year ago I was returning from two months spent in Lacoste, France. These past few months since the start of the new quarter until now, after Thanksgiving, I have been reflecting on times in Provence. Repeatedly, I have visited my large pile of Polaroids taken from those days. This time last year I was in a bittersweet mood. I was happy for my long list of new experiences, my new friends, and to have been able to see my family after two-months abroad. Yet, I felt a separation between those new friends, who were back with their own families, and a seperation between my hair, which was indeed only about a centimeter long, har har.
With a year gone by I have developed those friendships and have slowly allowed my hair to grow out. Just as a nostalgic reflection I wanted to share a few polaroids of my time a year ago.

-It was a cloudy Sunday morning. Taylor and I, along with a small group, drove to a wonderful town called, Isle sur la Sorgues. It was market day, and there were stands after stands of wonderful antiqued treasures. Being poor art students in a foreign country, our budgets only allowed for free photographs. Smitten by this fabulous woman's appearance, I asked in broken French if I could capture her image. She agreed by a nod, and I hope to have this captured image and Sunday souvenir forever.

-Kelsey was my roommate. In our room was a connecting cave, which served multiple purposes; a concert hall where we danced, opera sang, and harmonica played. and our studio, where Kelsey painted often. Eventually, as the quarter continued, Kelsey and I pushed our beds together in hopes for nightly slumber parties.

-taken without permission; a wonderful, accurate illustration by Kelsey, of a one-time, one-night occurrence, resulting in crossed fingers for continuous slumber parties until we were forced to separate our beds.

-This was taken in Avignon. We had eaten lunch, ridden the carousel, and piled into a photo booth.

-Count us, we're all there.

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