Monday, December 1, 2008

Justification for WorldWideWeb Communication

I never had a xanga.
Nor a livejournal.
I don't have a myspace, nor a Facebook.
Not that any of those are bad.(in fact I fancy me some certain people's livejournal)
I often find myself looking at other people's blogs, and it just makes sense.
Here I am.

and without going unnoticed
Here is my late Grandmother's mink fur shawl,
and here, my cat since 5th grade, Freckles. She still formally goes by that name, but being that the name reflects the mindset of a 11 year-old girl; the family calls her, "kitty". She has had a full life so far: from catching lizards in Southern California, to being a mother of four, to moving to Georgia,and now to being one of those "older cats" and allowing herself to eat and sleep all day without exercise, and finding herself perfectly content with the fact that her belly hovers the ground as she walks. She is a good cat. I would like to think that she misses my presence when I am back in Savannah, but for the sake of charity I left her to keep my parents and my younger brother company back home.


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Anonymous said...

beautiful even the gato too!
a pointed view of mew and you
without a point of view there is nothing less to do.