Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Something to Look Forward to

images borrowed from The Authentic Bistros of Paris, Francois Thomazeau and Sylvain Ageorges

Not that I haven't been completely wild for Savannah, because I have. These days are spent either waiting tables at The Lady's or behind the counter at the Market, either way saving money. In the time in between, like walking to and from work, is the time I really appreciate this town. Robert Redford and crew are here, shooting for a movie. Which in itself gives me great pleasure knowing that the famed and fortuned, scouted and chose to illuminate a film with Savannah as the backdrop.

So I have fallen into routine.
Hot cocoa in the morning. It is usually rushed because I like to soak up as much sleep as I can. But I like to think that my days in Paris, I will be able to stop in to my neighborhood cafe, and take my sweet Parisian time, sipping slowly on my hot cocoa, two and a half more months to appreciate the present, and...something to look forward to.


Cindy said...

Reba, be sure to save me some floor space in your Parisian home.

hayliebird said...

oh boy! i am so excited for you!!
has em told you that i am leaving for paris on monday? for a week. with a ny family. i will be exploring paris with a two year old in tow, which actually seems like it will be even better than my first experience in paris! i will take pics and take note of anything spectacular that i see or do, to share with you when i return. miss you.