Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Judging Books by Covers

My inspiration comes from an antique bakery-door cabinet, which resides downstairs in the basement of the Paris Market. Surrounded by majestic chandeliers from Argentina, this humble cabinet holds abundantly, old school books from Belgium. They sit stacked, all in aged, uniformed paper covers. Some are more worn from handle than others, but all stacked together, they appear to be a royal army of insightful information.
As I prepare for my big move to Paris set for the end of this year, I have put aside some of my most treasured books that may be too heavy for the move to Europe. I feel as though I am giving them a temporary parting gift, perhaps one can view it as a dress for a new occasion; a unified cover specified to it's individual character.

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Emily said...

These bring me back to our days filled with trees growing in Brooklyn...beautiful, just like you.